Dedicated to Improving the Universe through
Research Development and Application

The Most Advanced Aeronautics Tech on the Planet.

About ZZW Global Inc.

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Focused on providing the best possible products and Service to our Customers.

Focused on improving Quality of Life Universally by Researching all Departments of Science and creating the most Advanced Applications.

Allowing the whole world to Explore along with us via Documentaries and Film Production.

Eco-Landscaping Design and Application improving the local Environment by Reducing Allergens and Improving Beauty and Health.

Community Work

 ZZW Global is devoted to having an active role in the community and charitable organizations. Our company believes in the future of not only the oil and gas industry, but the current and future incoming leaders of the business community as well. ZZW Global feels that every portion of giving whether through company sponsorship, donations to charitable causes or employee involvement can make a difference in the future.
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Zane Z. Woods is the Founder and CEO of ZZW Global. With the knowledge and experience he gained working for Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as the input from valuable mentors, Zane Zachary Woods founded ZZW Global Inc. in July 2010.

Within the first three years, Woods has expanded the company from Texas to Oklahoma, his home state. Woods came from humble beginnings, but he credits great mentors for his work ethic and business knowledge. Much of his youth was spent traveling, and that worldwide view gifted Woods with not only cultural experience, but also important relationships. 


James Woods is the Vice President for ZZW Global, Incorporated, a new and innovative company providing oil and gas field services.  Since February 2013 James has been working to further ZZW’s unprecedented growth and success in the energy services industry.  James previous position as an Operations Manager for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Information (Technology) Network (JSIN) at the Pentagon combined with his current experience in the oil and gas industry have given him a unique perspective on leading people and balancing obligations to both company and community.